Everybody talks. 

"I'm developing this idea" or "I'm going to do this someday".

And to be honest, I do it too. The problem with just talking is that it's so nebulous. You can make gigantic leaps of logic and support your arguments on whisps of air (literally). 

But writing is different. Writing forces you to really think. Forces you to be clear in your structure. Pushes you to ask that horrible question, "what's the point?".

Ever wonder why scholarship essays were so tough when you were a kid? Or why cover letters are the bane of the job-seeker's existence?

Writing gets rid of hand-waving rhetoric. There's a visual history of what you've said, and so you're held accountable.

I want to write because it terrifies me. If I were to pick up what I wrote as a high schooler, I don't think I could identify with it. I'm definitely not the same person, so what does that say about me?

On the other hand, I am extremely eager to write. I think that writing will let me get thoughts out of my head, and move on. It will also force me to organize, categorize, and analyze what I've done.

Repeating the same verbal conversations over and over again is a fun way to eat up your day. It's also a great way to not grow.  

Let's see where this goes...